April 25, 2017

Manjaro Strit
17.0.1 released!

Quick rundown of changes since 16.09:

  • Using Manjaro's new version numbering.
  • Using KDE desktop environment as default.
  • Added KDE Connect.
  • Added Chromium.
  • Using Kernel 4.9 instead of 4.4.
  • Added back non-free driver option.
  • Uses Breath Dark theme.
  • Only 64-bit ISO this time.
  • Manjaro now uses Grub on Live systems too.
  • Known Issues:

  • XFCE ISO has been depricated.
  • KDE ISO still uses some gtk3 and gtk2 stuff. Suggestions for qt5 replacements are welcome.
  • Need to update manjaro-strit-kde-desktop package to match the software in the repository again.