April 25, 2017

Manjaro Strit
17.0.2 released!

Quick rundown of changes since 17.0.1:

Manjaro Strit 17.0.2 ISO, SHA1 or Torrent
Manjaro Strit 17.0.2 Minimal ISO, SHA1 or Torrent

  • Using a brand new theme “Ghost” for Plasma, SDDM and GTK.
  • Added Manjaro Architect installer
  • Replaced Chromium with Qupzilla
  • Replaced pamac with Octopi
  • Added GUFW in full version (firewall frontend)
  • Added Timeshift in full version (system snapshots)
  • Added Clonezilla in full version (full disk backup)
  • Added Deja-Dup in full version (rsync based backup tool)
  • Added Clamtk in full version (Clam-AV frontend)
  • Added Kleopatra in full version (gpg key manager)
  • Added Plasma Vault (encrypted folder)
  • Removed Manjaro Strit desktop meta packages altogether!
  • Doing both minimal and full ISO this time.
  • Toying around with a hybrid ISO, where you select packages during install.
  • Added Discord support server at https://discord.gg/a5nUcQ2
  • Known Issues:

  • GTK2 and GTK3 themes are still not 100%. Please assist if you can at Github.