February 25, 2018

Manjaro Strit
17.1.6 released!

Quick rundown of changes since 17.1.4:

Manjaro Strit 17.1.6 ISO, SHA1 or Torrent
Manjaro Strit 17.1.6 (with linux416) ISO, SHA1 or Torrent

  • Upstream package updates!
  • Added an ISO with kernel 4.16, so it can boot on Ryzen Zen+ and Vega machines.
  • Replaced Cantata with Cantata-git for now, since only the git version displays cover art in .ogg files.
  • Replaced vlc-nightly with SMPlayer. SMPlayer now does not open a website after each update.

    Known Issues:

  • GTK2 and GTK3 themes are still not 100%. Please assist if you can at Github.
  • Wayland session does not work on Nvidia cards.